Why the Holy Spirit is a woman in my kingdom living book series

In the first book “The Father’s Cabin,” Holly helps Joshua and does a lot of domestic duties around the cabin. She serves as a bartender on earth and helps guide the patrons in her own way to seeing Jesus (Joshua) as he is and always will be.

In later books, she takes on the heart tender role to other characters in the books by helping them cope with the circumstances they deal with from life choices.

To have this character as a male role would change the dynamics of the story and the characters. The natural persona of the Holy Spirit would not be accepted in some of the roles.

Like God, the Holy Spirit has feminine qualities that need to be portrayed in a feminine manner. For example, when Holly feels the pain Joshua is going through, it would seem awkward if two men expressed their feelings at that moment.

I wanted to use the nurturing side of the Holy Spirit because of the nature of the story lines.
In future series, Holly overseas many activities that are usually thought of as a female role.

If I did use the Holy Spirit in his male role, the Christian community might question why a male was walking out female emotions and tendencies. This would cause great concern. Portraying this role through a book or a movie gives a different tone than what I am after. I’d much rather be critiqued on the character of the Holy Spirit showing his feminine side. I do not want others to blasphemy him for his feminine nature.

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  1. I believe the Holy Spirit is female not male. The Holy Spirit is represented by a White Dove not pigion and She is known also as the Peace Dove. The messenger and a pair of these Doves are known as Love Birds. I hath a pair and their son, they are an extremely smart and sensitive bird and I love mine they talk all the time. They hath brought peace into my life.

    1. God created them to be three in one so I believe they are all male. Like the Shack I feel some of the things that I see the Holy Spirit doing in my books were of a femine nature that the Holy Spirit has but would give a more difficult agenda if I used a male instead of a female.

      The Holy Spirit can move into areas that even angels fear to tread. He loves to hover in the darkness because He can minister to those in ways we can’t. It’s His desire and that is what I hope to portray in my books.

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