When you walk side by side with Him

I’m not sure how I had lived on this thought for so long: That God’s love was limited to what I was doing for Him.  That once my day started, if I sinned or made a mistake, I was done for the rest of the day trying to make up for what I had done.

In the last year, I’ve been slowly breaking off this false line of thinking, that my days were doomed because of a mistake I made or a sin I committed.  I even quoted 1 John 1:9 believing it for others, but not myself.

I can’t tell you when my thought pattern changed, I just know it did.  I plan now  that my day is going to be a good day, no matter what happens.  I don’t have to walk in knowing that because it didn’t start out the way I would have liked, that I have to live in the guilt and shame, because as the day went on, living like that, I continued to do things that fit the manner of the early event.

That’s because He is walking with me, my steps are along side His, and some days He’s carrying me through my circumstances as I can’t seem to walk them on my own.  They journey He and I are on, continues because its one I’ve chosen to walk.

When we choose to let the events around us direct our path, we will go it alone eventually.  Pride creates its own path. No one wants to walk with a prideful person as that would mean a companion and a helper and they have their own path of pride to encounter.  

When satan’s fiery darts start flying, they can’t touch you, as you’re in the shelter of the High Place, in the Shadow of the Almighty.  You’ve drenched yourself in His word so you know every step He will take and you and He walk together.   Weapons may be formed to take you down, but they won’t be used. 

I love 2 Chr where the 3 armies go to fight the Israelites, and they stand alongside the mountain top looking in the valley where the 3 armies are preparing to fight, and instead of going into battle, they sing.  And the 3 armies annihilate themselves!  The best part, the Israelites got all the stuff the kings had brought with them and it took three days to gather it up!

Walking with Him is a win-win.  Why are you denying it?

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