When it’s time to move

Recently my husband and I moved to a new town.

Moving after 19 years in the same house with memories of putting your child’s toys in time out when they were not in the proper place. And forgotten. Memories of hiding Christmas presents and hoping when you move you jokingly say you’ll find them then. By the way, you don’t. But you do find your daughter’s baby bib and the instruction book to the dryer in a cupboard you haven’t open in years (the instruction book was for the dryer you bought six months ago. How it got there who knows as the cupboard really hasn’t been opened in several years or even s decade.

We left our two bed room two bath mobile (sold it to a couple from Paradise Ca who lost their home last fall), and bought a one bath one bedroom mobile home in an adult park to be near our family. And about a third of the size.

It’s been a fun journey. I started working right after we moved and it hasn’t slowed down. I am slowly getting my business back up again. I started making more jewelry.

I will be designing some more cloaks and some sweaters using yarns from local fiber arts distributors.

It was time to move.

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