When its best to follow the Leader

Driving to Missoula Montana we were following behind 2 semi’s on a highway from Lewiston Idaho. Several cyclists were traveling down the highway that is narrow in spots and winding The scene in front of me was a little scary as the truck ahead of us crossed over into the other lane when facing a blind corner.  It dawned on us that the two were in communication with each other. The first driver would let the second driver know when there were no cars in the next lane to pass the bikers.

The important part? The second driver has to trust the first driver completely on their journey. In this case, it seems they know each other and works for the same company.

But what if the second driver didn’t trust the first driver? Assuming that the job of the first driver is to watch the road for the truck behind him. Through conversations, I have had with truckers some consider themselves in a league of their own when on the road. What if a driver didn’t want to be part of the pack? In this case, the second truck would more than likely cause a huge wreck in the small area. Casualties will arrive and even death could occur depending on the severity of the accident.

This is exactly what the Christian walk is about. God our Father sees everything in front of us, guides us through every curve and winding road when we trust Him, even when we have to cross over in another lane to pass another person on the same journey when things start moving faster for us. When we choose to ignore His Word, and the relationship and do our own thing, tragedy strikes because we didn’t want to trust the one before us.

It’s no wonder our world is so divided when we have decided to walk away from an Omnipotent God who sees all things even when the road is not what we expect to be traveling on.  We don’t know the truth of what we see and decided to believe anything that comes down the turnpike. We take the fast route to get to the next destination to fill the beliefs we have formed from tidbits instead of seeing the whole story. In addition, blaming out here for not looking at their side of things. We are grabbing at whatever truth fits us.

The cyclists represent the ones want to enjoy the scenery a little better. I remember when I worked in Yellowstone years ago the roads only took you through 20 % of the park, it was how much of it you desired to see of the park depending on what form of travel you wanted to take. A group of us hiked from the canyon area to another area and walked through swamps green pastures and found the right trail after several hours of wandering. Apparently, it had not been used much. But the beauty of what I saw then hits me with lovely memories.

It’s best to have a driver who can see ahead in this journey to follow after. I personally believe God is the driver and He has put in place the people He desires to help us follow His heart. It may not look like Him only because we haven’t searched out His heartbeat. It’s a slow and steady beat like that of an 18 wheeler.

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