When did I become this person?

I was wondering that sometime yesterday.  When did I become this person (or still becoming)? This person who when she looks at the Word realizes that sitting back and reading it trying to figure out how to fit it in with the life she was leading as young girl to teen to wife to mother to empty nester wasn’t what God intended?  He wants walking, breathing, living people to walk, breath and live His Word because it is walking, breathing and living. 

Its a lifestyle.  It means taking out that which hinders us from doing the walking, breathing and living His Word.  It means leaving behind that which we once had control.  Its not just a Sunday thing.  Its is a lifestyle.  

Sometime I became this person.  I don’t know how it happened or when it happened.  It just did. 

Yes I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 11.  I’ve known who He was most of my life from that point on, however now I KNOW HIM! (or knowing Him daily).

It causes strife when you are around those that don’t know Him but only know of Him.  They don’t know that He truly loves them, that He truly will provide all that they need. They really won’t lack for anything.  However, what they truly need, they won’t have until they totally give it all to Him.

I haven’t become all that I’m to be, and there’s plenty of room to grow.  Today I’m this person, tomorrow is another of walking, breathing and living a life that He’s given me.  I am truly blessed to belong to Him and to those He’s given me.

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