When circumstances change God’s plan doesn’t

With this mindset of working as God is my employer I’m learning that circumstances may change but His plan doesn’t.

Several years ago when I started working I wanted to go into nursing but I allowed fears to come in that made me change that direction. No matter what I have done in the last several years God still had that plan in motion.

I’ve learned over the last several months that there are many areas in nursing now that were not available in the late seventies/early eighties.

The Nursing home facility is not for me. I thought it was but as I look back just in the past couple of days the stress of trying to keep up with things that sometimes aren’t pertinent to a job was just has hard as working the job.

Over the years I’ve had the op to working with various stages of people in thier lives from those have lived with mental and physical disablities to the elderly and those that have been abused or have abused their bodies with alcohol and drugs. I’ve enjoyed that atmosphere as I enjoy working with a person on a one on one basis and learning the person’s ablity and strengths and helping them to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

I’m not a vindictive person and I don’t like to try to fight for something that I find others are more qualified then myself. I find that I spend more time apoligizing for having an “attitude” and correcting it then if I didn’t have the attitude to begin with it. When its time to move on, I am learning to take it gracefully, knowing that my time there was done to best of my ablity and that I did it for God’s glory and not my own. Yes I am broken hearted for a time, but its a normal reaction when you find that circumstances have changed. When you realized that God is the one you are working for, the plan stays the same.

What is next in this journey? I don’t know. I’m waiting and listening. Praying alot. I started today with a Lenton fast, something I haven’t done for many years. I’m still going to stay with a vegetarian lifestyle as its healther for me.

Like my title states, my circumstances may change but God’s plan doesn’t.

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