What Noah would say if he had a blog

I was wondering this when I looked outside to rain again. 

I’ve started my square foot garden over the weekend, planning it and I bought two tomatoes and a six pack of marigolds  to plant through out.  I even set the boards to eye ball what a foot was and thought I didn’t have enough room. 

Then Monday I got out my tape measure and realized that it was actually 2ft by 2ft and was relieved!  I cut off the excess over one foot of my smaller boards to make temporary borders until I can get some string.    I had only laid out the boards for a plan on Saturday so my removing of the nails from the boards was necessary on Monday which as my husband stated “that’s the least of my worries” with this garden.

Its been questioned if tomatoes will ripen in our climate.  I know last year with the tomatoes in the containers, they didn’t ripen at all and I put the tomatoes still on branches in brown paper bags to ripen.  The reason I’m doing them in the ground this year is because in the container they didn’t grow as large as they should have.  That’s my logic anyway. 

So back to the rain.  My plan was to go out again after work and dig up another section while also still planting in the first section (the beauty of having a square foot garden so the book says!).  I still need to make a trellis of sorts for my pole beans and for my cukes and zuccs.   The rain changed that plan, however I do know that there are some brookingites that don’t mind the rain.  However, I”m not one of those species yet.

I will probably start some seeds indoors any like my beans and some more herbs that I’m using for pest control and maybe peas, even though right now they could go in the ground.  The rainy day alternative.

I’m not sure if my father would be proud or disappointed in how his daughter is taking on his trade. I’ll send him pics if it turns out great.

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