What it means to be a Kingdom seeker

I’m a Kingdom seeker. 

I have always loved the whole idea of castles and kingdoms and how they work and in this journey have been learning how The Bible is a book on Kingdom. 

Its another one of those life long journeys that you get on and the more you seek what is in God’s kingdom and what He established in Heaven is to also be on earth. 

When we come to know Christ, we have begun our own journey in seeking the Kingdom and discovering its lifestyle  of peace, joy, long suffering, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  Anything less then this is not Kingdom accessible. 

Have you ever noticed that when you do something out of the kindness of your heart for someone, it begins to spread?  That is true kingdom kindness.  Some may take advantage of the situation, and try to gossip and back stab you but one of the key rules of being in the Kingdom is to be dead to yourself.  Once you achieve this you conquered a great wall that hinders us from seeing into the Kingdom fully as to how the situation you are in is playing out in heaven.

In the Kingdom just doing one thing that is from the Fruits of the Holy Spirit can change an entire atmosphere. It lines up with the things in Heaven and it does play out here on earth.  However because of the things of this earth are not the things in Heaven, it takes time. But when you are obedient to what God calls you to do on earth, its taking place in Heaven. 

For example, restoring a relationship that has been broken.  On earth we have a tendency to do things our own way, looking out for ourselves and trying to do it all on our own.  However once you put the relationship into Heaven and build a altar to the Lord, the selfishness gets burned off and its restored in the Heaven.  It takes time on earth for it to be restored, but in Heaven its done and it is being completed on the earth.   We can see into Heaven what is taking place and because of the fruits that we are walking in it will be restored on the earth. 

Being a Kingdom seeker is all about faith.  That’s how it works.  We have to walk in faith on the earth for things to manifest itself first in Heaven and to come down to earth. Because of the way we see things in other relationships that don’t know how to seek the Kingdom we will tend to follow in their footsteps.  That’s why we have to have faith and diligently seek the Kingdom through God’s word.  God will show us what to do because He is about relationships. That’s why God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins.  Because the things of this world that have entangled us have separated us from Him. Christ brought back to us the Kingdom lifestyle while He was walking the earth and gave us access when He took our sins with Him on the cross. His resurrection opened the doors for us to walk into Kingdom principles.

For more information on Kingdom check out Myles Munro videos as he talks about the Kingdom and its protocol.

Learn how to walk in Kingdom and be a Kingdom seeker.  Its a fun place to explore! 

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