What is sin? online bible study

I was given a task to write about what sin is. 

I’ve heard a lot of questions about why God accepted Abel’s offering and not Cain’s.  Some say that his offeing of his first fruits were not acceptable and others say it was a heart condition.  As I was thinking about this this morning, I see it as both.  His heart was not inline with what he was giving to God.  God wanted a offering of blood, as what Abel gave, as that offering was an offering  for the atonement of sin.  Fruit offerings were not used for sin offerings as no blood was shed. 

Taking it further back, even the shedding of blood to create the animal covering for Adam and Eve were also in line with an atonment for sin. This was the first killing in the bible, to create something for Adam and Eve to wear to cover up their nakedness. 

There is a connection in all of this.  God was the one to first kill the animals for the coverings for them (Gen 3:21). The first animal sacrifice for sin.   .For many centuries after this, the best of the animals were given up for man’s sins.  Some sacrifices took place several times a day.  Later God would allow His own Son to die on the Cross for our sins, every single one of them, for a one time resolution to bring back the relationship He lost with man with Adam and Eve sinned.

As I begin to write this study over the next few weeks, months or perhaps years, I’ll try to come back to this first part to bring about a connection of what the blood represents for that of sin and  that of healing the body.

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