What if…….

What if in this journey of prayer someone doesn’t agree with what I’m doing?

What if I haven’t reached an area of spirituality that they are, that I’m still trying to press in to what God is calling me to be, does that make my journey less significant? 

What if because I may veer a little off of a goal for a day because of something that was out of my control zone that someone will choose to not support me in my endeavor?

In asking myself these questions only one question stands out and its this: is my heart in line with His and am I seeking His heart fully with no desire to turn back?

We are all at different levels in the journey of our Christian faith.  But the only question we need to be concerned with is whether our hearts are seeking after His heart.

Nothing else matters.  Whether people accept us or not becuase we may or may not follow in their footsteps, it doesn’t matter. Its where our heart truly lies. 

Christianity started with the heart.  It started with the heart of God seeking after those that He created and in turn began when His Son sacrificed Himself for our sins.  And when Christianity comes full circle at the return of Christ it will the same reasoning except that God has the hearts of those who chose to believe, do we His chosen have His?

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