What a day!

The other day I was getting discouraged when I walked out to my square foot garden area and saw that something ate one of my cukes.  One of my tomato plants it gone as well.   The weather was actually one of the best it had been but I was in no condition to work on it. (see my developing eagle wings blog and put the pieces together 🙂 ).

So this morning I went out and harvested from my herb garden my rosemary, sage and English and French lavender.  I was surprised that when I was done putting them in the jars to make my bath oils that I filled all four jars that I had.  Now I need to go get some cheesecloth to cover the jars, and allergy pills for my husband. 

I feel renewed today with my garden.  I started Chamomile, Oregano, a second batch of Basil, and transplanted my Cilantro and planted a second batch of that also.   I still have four marigolds that I haven’t planted in the garden yet to heed off the aphids that I think is what got to my cukes and the one tomato plant.  I put newspaper around both of the tomato plants that are out there as I was told deer would stay away. 

I really want to get a 5 ft high wire fence around this area of the garden to keep some animals out of it when I plant my root plants later this week.  Its going to be spendy and I’m trying to come up with an inexpensive way to do it.  The deer did leave my trellis alone, so I’m thinking that might be a good deterrent if  my cukes and peas last. 

Yes I feel like Noah did when he went to build the ark.  Granted I do have people who have treaded this path of Northwest Coast Gardening and we’ve all had tried and true experiences to find what really works.  We’ve got the climate for most of it as we are an even temperature all year around with the exception of mid July and early August.  Trust me its not an “I’ll show them” attitude that I do this.  Its more out obedience to a call that I have.  And its more of my frustration that I share with my God as I ask Him “Are you sure I’m the one you want?”

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