What are you doing now?

Does God really want our last thing on earth to resignation in heaven?

Are you following the doctrine of:

Don’t go to a movie theater as if Christ comes when you are there He may pass you by or that last event will stay  with you through all eternity.

Watch what you read as the book will distort your mind and you don’t want that when Christ comes.

Play only Christian music.

Don’t let people know of your disability as it will cause them to lose faith in a healing God.

Your defying your body with that tattoo.

I really have to laugh.

The other day I got up, poured a cup of coffee and put it in the microwave to warm up. I set the time longer then it needed to be and when I took the cup out of the microwave holding it at the top I got a steam burn on my wrist, said “shit” and dropped to cup and broke it. ( the cup was a wedding gift of 28 years and that didn’t help the sentimental side of me).

So my point is: if Christ came at that moment, would the word “shit” be resonating with me throughout eternity? I don’t think so! I think I would still be dancing with the King and rejoicing at the moment. (For those who are still wondering yes I repented but that’s between God and me.)

So here’s my point: enjoy life we are in the world not of it doesn’t mean we have to be so pompous that we exclude ourselves from friends and family because they are not believers.

I go to a martini bar because I like their bacon chicken tators. I drink a pina colada because I like it. We have to stop making ourselves out to being better then those we work with, enjoy our time with and the like. Granted we have freedom and we need to walk in it, not dragging it behind us like baggage when we think we messed up.

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