“Well done Kim!”

Kim Clement passed away this morning.

I’m sure I’m going to get lost in the borage of blogposts, fb statuses and Twitter concerning this and I actually hope I do.

Kim was an awesome man of God. He served God whole heartedly in all he did. Like many prophets that have graduated before him such as Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson he leaves a hole in the Church community.  And the rest of the world for that matter.

He spoke his prophetic words through song and people mocked him if they didn’t come to pass when they thought it should.

There were two words he gave and as most if not all were scripturally based. One was “the hand of the deceiver” concerning Judas. He related it to our government and things that were hidden and are now being exposed, such as #pizzagate.

Concerning  the issue of #pizzagate, I have studied what happens to children being forced into trafficking for many years and there are such graphic events that those who are reporting (the no name reporters and news posts that the senerios are true even if we don’t believe the players involved. We need to not throw out the baby with the bath water! Please read up on #pizza gate for what is going on with the children if not the people!

There is another word that about 8 years ago that Kim spoke concerning the exonerating of George Bush for is stand for Israel right before the inauguration of President Obama. The Christian community in an uproar that President Bush was not going to support Israel yet in a small blurb in a major newspaper at the last minute President did help Israel in his last  days in office.

When Kim spoke the presidents listened because it was about them. They knew he spoke the truth. He had a strong voice and would predict tsunamis earthquakes and such that if they didn’t physically do damage then it was a spiritual event that truly rocked the world.

At this point you are wondering who this man is. You never heard of him or you shut him off like many other prophets because you don’t walk in the prophetic as its too much of falling into the demonic if you did.  What Kim did in his lifetime will affect you in some manner because the world is not that big. He made an impact on many people around the world even if they didn’t believe that he was a messenger of God.

Kim will be greatly missed. His mantle has been passed on and another with come up with greater fire then Kim had to bring down from Heaven the things of God.

Rip Kim Clement. And Thank you.

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