The war is on!

I’m declaring war on my garden.  Last year, what the deer and I’m assuming slugs didn’t get get from the top, the gophers or moles got from the bottom.  I’m making boxes with hard cloth either stapled or tied to the boxes on the bottom and I’m going to make a cage at the top with a way to open that will have to take a security code to do so.

I’m taking on a project (why I keep doing this  I don’t  know!) of making a garden for my kids club kids to have also.  The plan is to make birdhouse gourds to sell at our craft fair out benevolence group is putting together in September to raise funds for the club so it doesn’t come out of the church fund.

I’m also having to do this by way if whatever I have and can find to use here or what other people are throwing out in the driveway for those driving by to pick up.  I’m really turing into a DIYer and I’m loving it!

So let the war begin!!!!!

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