The vastness of our God

In conversations over the last several days, I’ve taken a stand on some things. I don’t think that God causes earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters to use for wrath. I believe that when the world was created, all those that are deemed natural diasters were planned and as time goes on, they were to increase as it states in the New Testament several times. God set in motion every thing at the time of Creation. That’s my predestination view.

Now on the other side. While natural disasters were created long ago and planned out, the same God directs at a single moment the movements of the humans that he created as He gave them free choice. Events that occur through the sinful nature that we first acquired at birth, and then given the option to leave at the foot of the Cross are those that may have evolved through generation to generation or through just a single day’s event that caused catastrophic issues, not natural born.

That is the vastness of our God. He is a planner, knows the very day you were born, but also lives in the moment of the very action you participate in. He knows all, sees all, and knows how we will react at any given moment to any situation.

When we choose to walk in His steps, in His plan, we walk in freedom. True we walk through some narrow roads, deal with people who choose to not to know Him as we do on a daily basis. But that’s the free will part of His plan. He’s not going to force someone to have a relationship with Him. That’s not His nature.

Yes, I’m rather grounded. I have to work things out to understand them a little better. Watch out for my next post as it may go deeper as I ponder on these things a little longer.

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