The vastness of God-Watch what you do

In reading the book about Aimee Semple McPherson, the founder of the Foursquare movement, I had mixed feelings about her life and they were due to how I was brought up myself. As I read further along, I find a woman who loved the Lord with all her heart and a desire to serve Him no matter what. She had a relationship with God.

The skepticism of her life came from actions she did out of a human nature. She had conversations with a married man over an intercom in her office which caused a stir with her employees and her mother. I believe it was out of loneliness that this occurred as she had no friendships in the ministry that she could confide in. Later the man left his position at the radio station and also abandoned his own family. (in our world today it would be as if we sent a text message to someone and was more personal then we needed to be).

She was kidnapped, by whom no one knows, only speculation that the Mob was involved. But from her actions with her co worker, a trial with a grand jury and other legal events took place from accusations that she had spent the three weeks that people thought she had drowned and said she was kidnapped that she had been having an affair with the man she had had conversations with over the intercom. She wasn’t. There were reports of a lady claiming it was her sister that was having the affair with the man but she had recanted her testimony when Aimee and her mother refused to pay her. Then before the trial began the woman changed her testimony once again and Aimee and her mother were free.

We have to watch what we do. We seem to always say that it doesn’t matter what you do, be yourself and the like even in the Christian community, yet we forget about stumbling blocks that can occur and snares that come about. We don’t know who’s watching or who’s listening and 9 times out 10 they will get it wrong anyway.

Along the same lines we have to make sure we follow God’s plan that He has for us, and do what He’s called us to do in the manner He’s called us.

God being the ultimate planner of all things, being the Creator that He is, if He has set a goal for us to acquire it is our job to finish the goal. When we side track from it and the time had come upon us to join others in the goal, we may not be ready as those that had done exactly what God called them to do. It does sound like the virgins with no oil in their lamp at the time the bridegroom came. Without the lamps lighting the way, the bridegroom is not able to find the way to his bride’s home.

However, being the gracious God He is He could hold us back until we are ready and and not having to struggle to keep up.

I brought up two different points, but in actuality they do merge. We have to watch how we handle ourselves being in the service of our King. Even though we walk in freedom, it doesn’t mean that we can also do things that are a stumbling block to those that are walking beside us. We have to be accountable to what we say and do. Even if others get it wrong and like the drama and pursue other avenues then the truth such as with Amiee, we don’t need to go through trials we’ve caused ourselves.

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