Update on my prayer garden

My prayer garden is the one I have for a profile pic. I know it looks rather messy hense the title of the blog abiggermess.blogspot.com.

I went out there today to do some clean up that didn’t get done before I left town last week to a prayer conference in Mesa Az. My Wine and Rose thyme was very much on their last legs in the containers having not been watered while I was gone. My fault as I had only instructed my hubby to water the veggie garden.

I decided that I needed to plant my thyme before they were totatly dry and root bound. Glad to have them in the ground, and their location is not going to deter from putting in the fence this weekend.

Finished cleaning up the pulled up weeds that I left in a pile as I figured I’d just do one clean up when I was done.

The prayer garden does look as if its not been tended properly and that is true and I hope in the next day or two to get out there and pull back some more weeds.

While in Arizona at the motel I stayed at I spotted a similar design that a friend suggested I do for my back yard. Below is a picture I took.
My plan from the Prayer Garden to the front was to have a continual walkway going to the back yard from the front. Costwise using pea gravel such as what is used inbetween the slate in the photo and then as a ground cover made sense to me to do to help this project along as to where my patio set sits by another flower bed and close to my birch tree. My big plan is to not have to move my lawn furniture to mow the lawn underneath.
My veggie garden is doing very well. My basil is having trouble and I don’t know why it won’t grow past a certian point. Every time I walk by Fred Meyers I want to just break down and buy one but then I come home and replant another crop in the pot hoping something will take hold.
Someone I met on the trip going with us said that he was doing some landscaping this week and had 5 gallon buckets for plants he was using and said I could have as many as I want. I figure in a couple of weeks I’ll need to tranplant my two tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas into bigger containers and just have them line up alongside the driveway next to the porch. Its not going to work to dig up parts in the daisy garden like I planned as it would take me several days to just clean that area up before I felt comfortable planting my garden there.
The weather is still cool here which is why some of what I planted is having trouble growing properly.

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