An unknown God

Have we forgotten who God is?  His attributes are in His name through His word.  He asks us to keep His name Holy, His name above all names. 

He is all that we need.  He provides for everything that we need to have to get through each day.  He is a Healer that heals everything that afflicts us and keeps us from living a life serving Him.  He keeps His promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us.  

Yet when trials come, we forget His name. We doubt that He has been with us from day one, and He will never leave us. He may turn His back on us for a time when we’ve sinned but when we repent, He receives us in His arms again. 

We are a stiff necked people at times.  We think we can fight the fight ourselves.  We treat our God like an unknown God when we say “I don’t think He hears me”, and we think we have to fight the battle ourselves.  We need to stand still and wait for the battle cry of God for those situations. 

Over the last few weeks God’s been showing me scriptures on standing alone waiting for the battle cry. The result when people waited on the Lord?  The armies destroyed themselves!  Jehoshaphat, with the army of the Lord stood along a hill side singing praises to God while the army below destroyed themselves as they did in the book of Judges when Gideon’s army of 300 surrounded an army of several different nations that were as far as the eye could see also destroy themselves in the confusion when the pitchers broke and torches lit up the sky and horns blew.  Both incidents the armies declared the name of the Lord!

Psalms 91:2 says “I will say of the Lord ‘My refuge and my fortress, My God in whom I trust.’ “

God does not want us to be silent.  However if we do not proclaim the name of the Lord with our mouths that which we have hidden in our hearts, we are not honoring Him for the works He has done.  He is our refuge and our fortress.  We do nothing without Him because we do fall on our faces when we do it on our own.

I’ve been reading the book of Acts for the past six months, and the last four months out loud each chapter corresponding to the day of the month.   In the last four months I’ve watch the book come alive in circumstances in my daily walk with Him.  He is a provider in all things.  We need to declare His name in the stores, in the streets and in the workplace.  Yesterday a friend and I were talking about God and that He always provides for His people and never leaves them stranded.  A gentleman walked by and commented on our conversation and just wanted to stand and listen as it blessed him during a time he was going through.

This really is not a time to shut up!  We need to start speaking out His Name and His works.  Those who don’t know our God see him as judgemental, angry, withholding and several adjectives that don’t describe the God we serve.   We need to speak up!  We need to speak His name whereever we go!

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