Trying to set boundaries

In every journey there are boundaries that need to be set such as distance, time, and other areas to make the journey more successful and enjoyable.

In the past I’ve had fifty day journeys where I picked a topic that I wanted to learn about or improve in my life or something that needed to be taken out of my life and worked at it for fifty days.

This is the first time I am doing a year long journey and its on day 25 and I’ve done very little since the begining of the year.

Most of my journeys are ones that God has led me to be on, and there are those that I got to pick the topic.

This is one where I picked the topic but God is definitely in the lead. Actually He’s had several topics in mind and He leading and I’m following rather blindly into unknown territory.

I am finding out that I’ve dealt with rejection for most of my life but never really faced it head on as for what it really is. I think I learned from an early age to put up a wall so it wouldn’t hurt when it did happen. I found out a few weeks ago that that’s considered a passive aggressive attitude towards myself where I hide from my own self and then get angry because I didn’t stand up for myself when the time arrived. I found that I had been creating the problem myself moreso then what I was seeing it.

Yes there are times where I know I was rejected. But not as much as I had percieved it.

This journey was suppose to be about studying the 2000 years of Charismatic Movement and its kind of went on a different path to letting go of past experiences and just learning to trust that God has not forsaken His own. This is one journey I unknowningly had in the works for many years and it is now coming to pass. It won’t be a long journey but there will be an end to it and it will not be in my life anymore.

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