Treating a mistake before it becomes sin

The other day I was triming back my rose bush. In picking up the brush I got a thorn from one of the branches  that went through my glove.  I pulled it out and didn’t think anymore of it.  This morning when I started driving My left hand felt different and when I looked at it I saw where the thorn had pricked my skin.    I realized when I got to work I needed to wear gloves more then normal as it was an open cut on my hand and I needed to protect it more from any germs getting in there.

As I was thinking how to protect it I got to thinking about how the thorn represents sin in our lives.  It can start out as a mistake, and a mistake is not a sin, but how we handle the mistake can be.   If we don’t work on protecting it and fixing the mistake and instead we make a mountian out a mole hill and start attacking others then it becomes a sin.  When a mistake involves a person, its best to protect the person as much as possible. Gossiping about it or making a bigger deal about it only harms the person  more. 

Protecting their wound will help it heal faster. Saving their face in the circumstance is the best way to keep the wound from getting bigger and getting it out of hand.  Like salve to an open wound, a kind word or act does wonders to a person who’s been hurt emotionally.

Be kind to one another.  Its a quote we hear often on TV.  We all make mistakes, but don’t allow it to become sin.  Reverse what happened if you can and bring kindness if possible.  And if all else fails, pray.  God can remedy any wounded heart.

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