To start off with….

Like I stated I’ve garden for years but this year its going to be more then I’ve taken on in the last 12 years.

I have a more extensive vegetable and herb garden growing that started inside my home as it seemed it would never stop raining.
Its been a month and I can finally take most of the larger plants, my zucchini, cucumbers, beans and peas outdoors.
Its a container garden for now as it has been for the last several years. I have my tomato in the strawberry pot again this year and added a pepper but it seems the bugs got to if before any new growth came up.
I planted marigolds in the bottom tier of the strawberry pot and the bugs seemed to like them as well on the way to eating the pepper plant.
My lettuce I’ll replant a second time. They started coming up also and they were looking rather healthy. But when I went out to check on them, something got to them too.
I have a prayer garden, of roses and lavender that is my goal for updating this year. I built a platform for my bench and am working on a walkway from my back door to the bench. I use that area during the summer months with no rain for my morning devotions.
Next to the prayer garden is my herb garden. I have a sage and rosemary that are on their third year there and will be planting cilantro, chamomile, oregano and thyme. Bordering my prayer and herb garden will be a short wooden fence, and along the pathway a “wine and roses” thyme ground cover with some lavendar inbetween.
The picture I have for my title is another garden that I am working on from time to time. There’s a hydranga that was dormant for several years and about three years ago started to bloom, about the time my husband had decided the deadwood needed to go. Next to it is a calilly that has yet to bloom, but loves to spread its wings so to speak around the hydranga.
I have one other garden that I’m not concerned with this year as I’m waiting for some plants to mature to put out there maybe by next year. It started out with daisies and mums and I had some other ground cover in the back that was blue with white stars on them. Around the fouth of July the daisies and the maroon mums would bloom and it looked like flag for a couple of seasons. When I went to clean it up early spring I noticed my mums didn’t return, but maybe one plant. I’ve got some flax and spikes that I’m going to split and start planting out amongst the daisies. This area is probably my hardest to maintain only because there are more weeds then plants and its a larger area.
My last garden area is my front yard. Its been an eye sore for the 12 years that we’ve been here. About six years ago thinking that we would finally do something with it, I had a friend rotertill it for me. During the winter storms it almost resembles a small pond and every spring we decide we are going to do something with it even if its wrong, and something comes up and then its the fall and we’ve done nothing to it but spray Round-up.
Last is a smaller version of what the large front is suppose to be. I’ve planted most of my lilly bulbs there and in the spring time some wild hyachinth comes up in clumps. Again its another project that I need to take care early spring to spread the bulbs out that have started to multiply. I’ve got more daisies in this garden and four geraniums.
So that’s the just of what I have going on. Some days I do a lot in them some days I don’t. We’ve had a lot of rain in the last several weeks with very little sun and so its been hard to go out and catch up on the weeding. The evidence of the rain is very well in view as the sun shines on every weed that is hiding a rose or an herb.
So begins this journey of gardening and making use of what God has given us for enjoyment and relaxation.

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