This year’s goals 2016

1. Recycling.

I made my on vegtable bags to us in the stores to eliminate the flimsy bags that are really no good use that I found as of yet.
2. Composting 
Throwing a lot of peelings I don’t use for other things like potatoes and onions carrots and such for composting as well as the plants that have ran their use in the season like tomatoes peppers and peas. 
3. Making my own socks and sweaters as I found what fits me better. 
4. I enjoy making my laundry soap, shampoos, Herb rinses as well as pain relievers and other things.
When I go shopping I find myself walking down the ailses saying “I make that”. And leave the store with more whole foods. I shop McKay’s in Gold Beach on Thursdays for meat I’ve used during the week and add one more item for stocking.
This has been the first time in a long time that I haven’t had to be creative with rice and bean dishes!
I am really liking and enjoying my life!

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