This morning I was listening to Kim Clement as he spoke from his prayer garden.  While listening to him, God showed me that for years He has been trying to put my backyard into His sanctuary, and my home to be His home.  It makes perfect sense when you think that when we bought this house, it was because the pastor of the Foursquare Church bought the church across the street from us.

On one side of the street it is zoned for residental and business.  Buying  a property (an older mobile home to boot) near a commercial property isn’t the best investment at times.  We didn’t want a lot to be where a lot of traffic would be going on down the street and really liked that it was a quiet neighborhood. 

We knew when we bought our home it was to be a place for God to dwell and for us to serve Him.  It kind of lost that over the years due to different legs in the journey that we as a family have been on and I can see that God has had enough and is working to get us back to where He wanted us to be in the first place. 

So as I’m listening to Kim speak, I’m hearing “keys” and “prayer” which means that my prayer garden is expanding.  God wants His property back and in the service He’s set it up to be in.  Its my goal as a wife, as a mother to do that by prayer and supplication.  He promised to provide all I need to have that happen.  I need to learn what a blessing is and not turn it down when it comes. 

The past week when I’ve opened my front door, I really haven’t known what I was going to do until it has opened.  I’ve had plans as I take my first step, but it changes on the second step.  Yesterday was a good example.

I was getting ready to go out and work on the patio when my friend who gave me a pressure cooker last week came over with the pressure valve to it.  In fact I hadn’t even opened the door yet and she had alredy knocked when my hand was on the handle.  I went to show her what I was doing and she told me I could take the sand she had as she wasn’t going to be using it.  So while she gave me her shovel and a bucket and I was carrying out out to the piles of sand she had, she looked at me and said “I have a 50.00 gift card from Home Depot.  I’ll get you your sand.” So we got in her car.  I had also shown her another section I’m putting together and trying to find cinder blocks for it.  She asked me how many I needed.  I said nine. She bought that for me also.  

Please note how hard this was for  me. I knew it was a blessing that God was bringing me and I really had a hard time accepting it for a while.  Then I remembered something I learned in my Bibical Foundations of Freedom class on rejection.  “It is a sin of idolalitry to put words or actions of another person above God.” ( page 152, Bibical Foudations of Freedom).  I could not reject the blessing my friend was giving me by listening to things from the past.  If God was giving me a blessing through her I needed recieve it. 

Later I went over to help her out with a project she has and we had some things in our wood pile that she needed also.  God is so good as I shared things with her that I knew she needed to hear about God and who He is.  At the end of the day, I felt the presence of God as He showed me things in my life that still need correcting.

I also discovered my new occupation title.  “Prayer and Benevolence.”  I kind of like that!

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