This is not our home

While going to and from one of my assignments today God showed me some things that I’m going to put more thought into.

1) on living on faith, look at Noah when God told him to build an ark. Noah had never seen rain, didn’t know what a flood was nor an ark.  Yet Noah trusted God and His word because he was a friend of God.  it took him 100 years to build the ark to take on every animal on the earth plus his family.  100 years of ridicule from friends and neighbors yet Noah kept to the task because God told him to do it.

2) This world is not our home.  In biblical times the jewish people, God’s chosen, knew that better then anyone when they were held captive in Babylon and their city was destroyed and the government was no more.  They longed to go home, to where they knew that once they rebuild Jerusalem would be home to them.  It was their city.

Heaven is our city, we are not home yet.  We are still as the God’s chosen people in Babylon, if you know Christ you are God’s chosen people here on earth.  God has protected us as He protected Noah in the flood.  We are safe in His arms.  As those who did still believe in God while in captivity had Jeremiah, Isaiah and other prophets as well as faithful ones like Daniel and his friends and like Niemiah and Ezra who longed to bring God’s people home and waited for the day to do so, so do we.  We gave the promise of Christ at His word that He would return and take us home with Him. 

Christ is waiting for God’s word to bring us home. In the mean time we can still live in God’s Kingdom on earth.   We do that by living by faith.  By listening to God speak to us through His Word as events begin to unfold that are out of our realm of possiblities to solve.  Every situation that we face we can solve it by reading His word.  Even though this is not our home, we can still live like we are in the Kingdom already.

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