Things that happen while learning to walk in Kingdom pathways

For the past three years our church has been going through Wellsprings Ministries out of Anchorage Ak.  Its a powerful teaching of breaking off strongholds in your life that some go back to even grade school where we’ve taken on things in our personalities like a passive agressive personality when we we not taught how react to the situation due to other circumstances. 

I have been working on changing this part of my personality for a long time.  Its tough when you start to realize that at times when you didn’t have a strong voice to speak out when things were coming at you because of either how you were raised that you were seen and not heard or other things along the lines.  After I learned that I needed to fogive those that didn’t let me speak out when I was hurt, scared or even times when I knew I was right in something but retreated, another part of me emerged.  I didn’t know that what would emerge would now be a personality that would lash out when I was confronted. 

I am learning now to humble myself in apoligizing for those times that arise.  That’s another Kingdom trait is humility. 

We are sometimes so sure that we have to be right all the time that we forget that humility gets us further in our journey then pride does.  Pride keeps us locked outside the gates where we see joy and love and all the other fruits of the Spirits that we desire, but we can’t admit that we were wrong.

Humility unlocks the Gates of Heaven to let Love invite you in.  Pride will keep you outside of the gate.

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