The whoas of self publishing

i am enjoying this journey of self publishing.

Granted I do wonder if maybe  I’m too patient in that I want my ducks in a row, that what I have deemed to come to pass and desired to come will in fact take a little more time?

What I dislike is when someone thinks I’m not doing it right. But I know that it works for me and as a previous employer if I want things done right I need to either trust that my staff have their best interest in what I’ve hired them to do or do it myself. This is where I’m trusting those that are doing what I need like graphic artists, illustrators and the like.

I know I spent well on my editor who is going through everything I’ve written with a fine tooth comb and tightening up where needs to be tightening and loosening in the appropriate places.

My book “The Father’s Cabin” is an allegory. You can take from it what you want. But you can’t change the truth and that is Christ loved His Bride. And that’s the story in a nutshell.

There are topics that in this book and in the others that I will bring out in greater detail as time goes on.

My favorite is dress codes. Why does wearing a dress make you a better believer then another person? I’ve dealt with that when I’ve seen people hammer someone else because they didn’t fit the profile. So that person was so beaten down because all they had to wear  was a pair of torn jeans and a tank top because church was their only place of refuge.


There are more things I cover in my book that as my friend says will make you go “hmm”.

I think I’ll enjoy this new journey.




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