The wedding dinner will be ready soon

Come, I’m inviting you to a feast!  You are welcome to come into my House, sit and talk with others that reside here, however I have House rules you must follow in order to enter into my Dining Room.  You may come as you are and you can choose to shower in your own home, but your shower is not not going to remove all the dirt off of you that will keep my Dining Room spotless.  I have a special Powder Room for you to clean up in and also new clothes for you to wear.

You are welcome to move about my House, but I’ve set up my House Rules for a reason.  I will not let them be defiled again. That’s why I put in the Powder Room that I did.  It was a hard decision as it required the work of My Son to install it, but I’m glad I did.  I want a relationship with you and as you can see I have that relationship with others through out My House because they have prepared themselves by following the House Rules. 

Once I open the doors to my Dining room, I can’t let you in as you are. This is as far as you can go.  You have to accept what I’ve written as My House Rules in order to enter.

You say that I don’t love you if I don’t change them.  Or you take out of My House rules to comply to your own way of thinking, doesn’t change what I’ve already written.  They are My rules and they are written on My Heart and the hearts of those that choose to follow them. They have hidden them in their hearts once they have entered into the Powder Room. 

Soon I will open the doors to the Dining Room but I will then have to ask you to leave if you don’t choose to abide by My House Rules.  Its the way I’ve declared it to be. You have a decison to make.  If you abide by My House Rules you may enter in and abide with Me because you know My heart.  If you choose not to abide by My House Rules, the things of the Dining Room if I let you in as you are now with out taking a shower in My Powder Room, you will defile all that I have prepared for those that have followed My House Rules and what good will they be?

I can let you in to My House as you are, but I can’t let you in my Dining Room  until you wash in My Powder Room.  As much as it pains me do make this declaration, I must.  But make your decision soon as I will be opening the doors soon, and I want you to join me.

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