The price of a child

My husband and I always called our daughter our highest commodity and anyone who thought less than that when choosing to date her was not worth our consideration to enjoy her presence.

So when I heard that drug dealers had changed their MO’s to the use of selling children in exchange for drugs I was floored.

Granted we hear about this in 3rd world countries where a child is sold for a night so the family could have money to live on and even that broke my heart to a million pieces, but in America children are randomly being picked up and sometimes battling a parent for the child is implorable.

When did this change? When did the price of a child go from being priceless in the hearts of her parents to 20,000 to the first taker?

I know it breaks God’s heart to see the children Ge created being sold into slavery.

I hope there are enough millstones to tie around every neck of a person who chooses to take a child and destroy their innocence.

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