The Journey Begins

Part of my journey with Eagle’s Garden is to bring back to what God had designed for us to be and to use as His created beings.

Yesterday I took a Medication Safety course for work. Do you know that an average person over the age of 60 is on at least 3 to 4 medications? To me that’s a lot! I admit at 55 I am taking that much on a daily basis as well as vitamins and supplements. This is why I’m on the journey.

I am studying about fragments and alters and how trauma has affected out lives for decades. I believe there is a connection.

A fragment or an alter is a soul wound. At times of tragedy no matter how big the tragedy or how old the person a part of the soul breaks off to cover us from more pain. That is a fragment. It can stay there long after the trauma is gone and can affect our lives as we grow older. Our thought patterns change because of the trauma and the fragment that was there to protect us is of no use. We can have pain and discomfort because we haven’t taken care of the issue the fragment is covering up.

An alter is where it’s a person it’s developed and it’s two identities occupy the same body. There can be more depending on how deep the trauma or abuse was.

For the most part when our bodies suffer from fears from something we’ve experienced in the past and we cover it up with more pain meds our bodies break down more with the drugs we are taking to get rid of the pain. Even Tylenol if taken at the 350 mg 4 times a day after 24 hours can be toxic to our bodies.

On the same note, our bodies were never meant to decay and yet because of what we’ve done to them with pain and trauma we have allowed aging to set in at rapid speeds.

My goal is by next year to be able to have a much better understanding of fragments and alters. In addition learning about different MHz in music for the purpose of healing.

God wants His creation to be in total surrender for worship. It’s the way our heartbeats with His which is His desire.

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