The Debate of attacks

 How  do you determine what you are going through is an attack from satan or if God is telling you to stop?

We give up too easy when we decide its an attack. An attack is when you battle continually with no end in sight and continue from the place of rest to press through anyway.

When we blame an incident on an attack, we find ourselves in work to get out of it. If we just press through to test if its where God wants us at the time, it will come to pass. If it’s a constant struggle and we are in a battle we are not at the place of rest that we need to be and need to reconsider what we are doing.


Years ago I blamed the faulty auto drive lever as an attack as the car would speed up on its own. I blamed tripping over stuff as an attack.

What happened Saturday could be an attack. I have learned through times when I hit a road block to just keep going. If I am doing it at a place of rest, it will work out.

I started a new year with LwEag. We lost the key to the shed where my fabric, elastic, thread, bias tape and extension cords were. I also had three new people coming. I though about cancelling, but decided to see what I could do with what I had. In a box were several spools of thread that I pulled out. One of my seamstresses has bias tape and a roll of elastic I gave her for a project. Another had extra bias tape that Ironically all matched the fabric that I had forgotten to put in the shed when I moved everything.

When we were done four hours later we had six dresses made! I didn’t actually stand in a place of rest like I should have until I knew everyone was okay with what we had to work with. And the key was found about a half hour before we were done.

If we have to say that every obstacle is an attack then what does it say about those that walk in a blessing with no set backs?

In writing my second book I know that it’s not what the devil is asking for as it will expose him at various angles as my first book  is doing. I am pressing through as I can see it’s not of my own will but what God wants to show of His love and compassion. There are times when I found myself in a dark place and realized it was the Holy Spirit stepping in for me and writing it with me as He loves to dwell in dark places.

This will be an ongoing study. I am thinking it  probably will be the background for my fourth book “Doubter’s Hollow.”


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