That’s for Hippies and pot smokers

There is a movement in the church that is gaining momentum.

It’s about time.  God is making His name known in the things that New Agers and cults  have had the dominant field in.

For Example:

Whether they are appearing out of nowhere or you are gnawing at the bit to study the healing qualities God ordained from them (And you wonder why they are appearing out of nowhere). They are God given and breathed upon.

I am currently studying gems and their healing attributes.  My goal each month is to find gems for various illnesses I have to deal with on a daily basis. I have started makeing amber chokers to help boost the Thyroid.

The other day I was talking about what I was doing at a Mountian Man Rendezvous. A lady told me if I had crystals to not share them with anyone because I would lose my spirit. I held back a laugh so as to not be rude but in my mind I could see the Holy Spirit loving it if I gave Him away to others!

We’ve given credence and have let others have these precious items be distorted long enough.

Traveling in the Spirit
There are two arenas in this and like anything else the God has created and satan has used to decieve us.

This is a gift that Is for everyone to use. One, being able to pray for someone that is not near and give comfort and two, visit places just because God likes to bless us.

Remember in Acts Phillip traveled from one country to the next. It was God’s plan for us as well.

Some have had interesting experiences in this with helping people out of a dangerous situations.  There are people whom their spirit would visit an area while their body is in another area.

Yes witches and wiccans do this and I do feel they have been to my house univited.

For years I’ve always had an wild imagination and I’ve found a good reason to use it in this manner.

Colors, plants and ect
The Chinese have the hold on the use of colors and elements such as fire, wind, water, and wood in room design. This  concept does work depending on your personality type but what if God had it arranged that way in the beginning for us? Keep in mind He knew us before we were in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139), so why would He not want the best for us and in comfort? We already know to paint a room a certain color if it gives joy and contentment.

About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, Dsphaygia, glaucoma, chronic ear infections and asthma. It was time for me to make some changes. My thyroid was giving me some issues around the same time and doctor bills were piling up.

For the past six years I have been studying the healing qualities of plants and herbs. I have started a business with my findings and made creams, balms and changed out my shampoo, soaps, cleaning supplies and other items that are chemical free. I use a combination of olive oil/coconut oil/beeswax for my base and work from there.

I believe that God had created plants to help heal and preserve our bodies.

Hosea says “My people suffer for a lack of knowledge.” Don’t we owe it to ourselves to see the beauty God has for us when we seek His heart?

It’s not just for Hippies or pot smokers. It’s for the children of the Living God.

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