Tears are normal

Writing my second novel I am discovering something. We’ve heard the word Redemption throughout our Christian walk. However I knew it would be a tough book to write due to the nature of the topic, but I didn’t know how liberating redemption can be.

Think about it this way:

Imagine that you are working at your job and Jesus walks in. You might feel a little nervous because you wouldn’t expect him to walk right in. But He does. And your co workers are so at ease with Him. They laugh and talk as if they are old friends yet they have no clue who He is. But you do. He gets up and offers to make coffee for everyone and gets everything right. He mentions something about a co worker that you never knew and yet He’s loving in her in His nature and covering her and He heals her broken heart. He does this with everyone in the office including you.  Then He leaves,

imagine again that He again is in a bar that you frequent after work with your friends. He gives out drinks and serves everyone including you.

Now imagine if you can, a child who has been abused physical by her father. You know them because they are in your church. You don’t say anything to anyone nor do you confront them. Yet Jesus walks in and sits with the family. The father breaks down and begins to weep. The child crawls into Jesus’s lap because she has been there many times while being abused. And Jesus loves on both the father and the child.

My hearts cry is that ultimate redemption will break the stone hearts of anyone who harms another person for any reason.

This is why I cry when I write my book. I see the love Christ has for each and everyone and the redemption He is giving and it is so radical it is very overwhelming. But oh so wonderful!



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