Healing Generals

I’ve been following Todd Bentley for the past two weeks on Periscope. He is on a journey of learning about the Generals of healing in the 1940’s and 1950’s, an era that I’ve felt a connection to for years. I love the interaction of people during the 40’s due to WWII. Studying AA Allen, William Braham and others seems natural to me on this journey.

In connecting the past with the present of what I am learning about frequencies in music and in God’s creation is opening a new avenue to healing.

We have to walk out our healings.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been healed of two of my minors as I call them as they were the issues that required more than pills to comfort me. I had to change my diet as well.

How do I know I’m healed? Because I’ve eaten literally crap all week and none of the issues have developed! Granted I am not going to eat like this always but this week I had things that I needed to do to keep up with my house schedule. I will get back to eating my 80/20 Paleo this week.

My point in this is I have to walk this out, meaning I need to eat healthily but if I mess up it’s not going to put me out for three days. Being overweight doesn’t help my issue either.

I have been using the Menoblend from Freedom Flowers and have noticed a difference as well.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be purchasing one of Del Hungerford’s cd to download in my music library.

This journey is going to be exciting to see where God leads me!!!!

Guest blogging

I’m sharing the link to a post of a friend who is studying the 432 frequencies more Indepth
It’s a great study and I may have to watch the video more often to get an understanding of the 432 frequency.


This is the video:

Healing oil website

Here’s a website to pursue on healing oils.


I use A combination of olive oil and coconut oil as a carrier to making healing balms from various plants that have healing qualities in them. I love making one with peppers that has capsaicin in them, the hotter the pepper the more capsaicin. I have Friends who swear by them as myself.

Flower Essence

Part of my journey and if you go to abiggermess.blgspot.com you will see some of what I’ve been doing with plants and using Olive oil and coconut oil as carriers.

I ordered Menoblend from Freedom Flowers (www.Freedom-flowers.com) and have noticed a difference in the last few days.

I’m understanding that water is a carrier and we use it for coffees and teas. I dry herbs for various teas  for healing of migraines and for sleep.

What Freedom Flowers does is not just make her drops from the essences of the flower but shares how that flower was designed to heal when God created us.

Because of sin our bodies that were aligned to follow after the heart of God where invaded with toxins that are destroying our temples. Isn’t t like God after the fall of Satan that when He restored the earth He would give us the means to heal ourselves as well?  He desires us and wants us to draw near to Him. He wants our temples to align to Hs purpose.

Check out Seneca’s book “Flower Power.” It will show you how much our God loves us and has designed nature to work for our good.

Healing frequency websites

As a believer in Christ I will not post something that doesn’t agree with the Word of God.

God was the first to create music for healing and the various frequencies that He put into nature.

Therefore when questioning why I post something that looks contrary to what God’s word says, I just remember that He created it first.

Some cultures or religions will use nature and galaxies as their focus. I myself am just amazed at God creativity and how He delights in us to put things together for our enjoyment.

So enjoy the websites I add here and seek God’s heart beat in what He created, not in what others have tried to take credit for.


This describes the six frequencies of God’s healing: