Stop Changing His Word

God’s word is simple.  In the 66 books of the Bible, He says the same thing over and over.  We just need to learn to start reading it with these three words in mind.  “I LOVE YOU”. 

God does not change, He is the same as He was when He created the world, when He gave us His Son and He is the same today.  Nothing has changed. 

He loves you.  He love you.  He love you.

Why then do you see hate in His word?  The hate isn’t towards us, or towards His people its towards the sin that we participate in that causes us to be separated from Him. 

But He is not the one separating Himself from us. We are doing it when we sin.  We are the one moving away from His Glory when we sin because our sin can not be in His Glory.  It simply isn’t allowed.  But when we confess our sins as it is in 1 john 1:9, we are welcome back into His presence where He resides in His Glory.

Its so simple! 

So why do we change His Word when it has been the same since the begiining of time?  When we sin, we twist God’s word to fit our agenda for our sin.   Is began back in the begining with Eve.  The serpent lied to Eve and Eve then corrected him which the serpent expected her to do.

God has shown us clearly what will and will not be allowed in Heaven.  The devil knows it too.  He’s the one changing what God has always said in His Word. God never changes.  Never. Never. Never.

From the Begining of time He has loved you.  He created you. Who creates something they don’t love?

A couple of weeks ago I was making a window sill planter and I was very pleased with how it was coming along.  However when problems were arising I was losing my pride in it and getting discouraged with it as things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go. Finally after much thought I was able to come up with a way to make it more secure like I wanted and my feelings excitment and pride in my work returned.

I believe God showed me what He feels when He is creating us.  He’s so proud and pleased with what He created.  However when we sin, we walk away from what He was planning for us and things don’t go the way they should.  When we repent and return, He is ready for us and takes us back and rejoices in His creation.  He never leaves us during the time that we are walking away, He just isn’t that close until we have turned and repented.

We need to stop changing His word. We need to stop telling people that God hates them for what they are doing to their lives.  We need to stop shutting the church doors on them and making them feel unwelcomed because they don’t fit our agenda.

God isn’t about an agenda. He is about the heart of the person, and He will never hate that heart that He created.  He only wants to exchange it so it will beat with His.  That is all He wants.  And its in His Word.   

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