Starting early…..

So I’m more scoping then doing at this point.

I did start my “Lasagna Garden”.  Its where you start with either cardboard or newpaper (Newspaper ink has vegtable oil in it) and then do a layer of dirt and debris such as leaves.  From the continue as you would a compost pile and add the other refuse from the kitchen that would be biodegradable.  The newspaper will tone down the weeds from underneath. 

However the weeds in the lawn and surrounding areas of the garden is another issue that I’m working on.

I posted a pic the other day on Fb of some ideas with making the garden more presentable and not looking like it does now.  Mostly in the outsides of the garden beds I built.  Not sure how I’m going to proceed with the root garden yet on the weed issue. 

The plan is to go completely organic this year. I’m going to put black plastic down inbetween the garden beds and between my stepping bricks in the walk way.  I’ll either do wider bricks and gravel inbetween the beds or just gravel, haven’t decided yet.

I think I’m also going to redo some of the other walkways and patios I’ve done in the last couple of years with the plastic.  That will stop some of the weed population. 

I’ve got some time until May when I start work again so I’m hoping to get most of my garden together so its easier to manage.

Working on some other crafts as well for future things. 

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