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Thwre are so many mindsets that we walk in the door of church with its no wonder that there are those standing in the doorway looking in with a look of fear on their face.

Several weeks ago I started wearing dresses to church as I’m going through a wieght loss journey (not now but several weeks ago!)
Anyway a lady approached me as a friend walked by wearing a pair of torn jeans and a sweat shirt. The lady looked at me and told me how proud she was that I dressed up and why was this generation lacking respect in God’s house. I was floored and embarrassed for my friend. I changed the subject only because I didn’t know what to say at the time as the lady was a guest in our church and luckily she doesn’t remember that it was me that she called out in a room of about 10 people that I was not a believer in Christ and why was I there in the group?
So anyway, this thought bugged me as many others over the months since as to why we have to dress a certain way, talk a certain way and change our personality whrn we walk in the doors of a church?
There are times when I really wish I could stand up to this stuff especially when I know the journey the person has been on and they don’t need this crap!
A friend one time was working at a casino and she has said how greatful she was to have a job and was put off by some people who felt she should look elsewhere. At the time I wanted to stand up and agree with her as I was meeting with friends in a winery to make dresses for girls to protect them from human trafficking! (I use the excuse of that the timing was off in the service for that but in honestly I’m still shy.
We have to stop judging those we fellowship with in Sunday and ignore the rest of the week. The happiest believers I’ve found have been those who sit in the darkest of areas where their friends are because they are admitting they have been there and are willing to walk with them to pull them out.

They speak life into the person and ressurected them from the death they are hanging on to.  

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