Sometimes we take on a offense from a person whose hurt is far beyond anything we can think or imagine and what that person says to us is out of their pain and their perception of something while they are working out the painful experience in their life.

I’m reading a book by Art Mathias about why we do what we do. It goes along with why some will say they aren’t convicted over an area in their life with something while others are convicted over the same area. It has to do with things that have been passed down from generations of feelings of rejections, bitterness and the like that we end of squelching the things of the Holy Spirit.

The bible tells us that we are to be filled with the fruits of the Spirit. That clashes with areas of pain in our lives from feelings we’ve picked up from cirmcumstances were out of control in our lives. We have to focus daily on how we are going to live and which kingdom we are going to live in.

There’s two kingdoms, God’s and satans. God doesnt’ violate his nature. He’s not going to give us something of His if we still have feelings that are not from Him. It would be tainted and soiled and not used for its intention.

Satan will violate his nature because he is a liar. He will make you believe that you have the same Holy Spirit and can do whatever you feel like when in actuallity what you are doing is not glorifying God.

I am speaking for myself because of areas that I am still working on. Does God still bless those of us who are struggling between kingdoms? He does because when we do the right thing, He blesses us. When we do the wrong thing He doesn’t, but if we confess our sins He forgives us and the blessing return. We may have to pay for our consequences for our actions of what we did was wrong, but we have the freedom of forgivenss from God and He will protect us.

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