Realizing The Spirit of Rejection and how to break it off

The Lord has really been hitting me with the spirit of rejection lately and opening up old wounds that I really hoped were healed.

We’ve all been through some sort of rejection in our lives, some at greater degrees then others, but it does plague us, if when we choose to not admit it and repent of it. I say repent because the spirit of rejection is built on so many areas of bitterness, resentment and so on that even the small act that someone does out of kindness can be taken as a form of rejection by someone else.

There are four walls of rejection:

Fear of rejection
Rejection of others
Desire of rejection

Fear of rejection:

“For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.” Job 3:25

Fear tells us that all things happen for our detriment. The fear of rejection has a tandem of fears with it like the fear of man and the fear of failure.

This fear keeps us from even trying anything, like not sending in a book we’ve written because the editor may not like it, or not going for the job that we are actually over qualified for because there is an area that we don’t really succeed at.

God promises that if we trust in Him He will give us perfect peace. Is 26:3 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusted Thee.”

Self Rejection:

When rejection is never satisfied this is when we decide we have to attack ourselves. It wasn’t bad enough that the editor didn’t like the book, we decide that we weren’t good enough to be a writer to begin with. Or when we find that someone we knew got the job that we knew we could have had if we went in for the interview, we cut off the friendship over jealousy.

Lack of unconditional love and acceptance plays a big part in self rejection as if those that claim to love us put conditions on us and we can’t measure up what’s the point of loving ourselves in no one else can?

Rejection of others:

We think its easier to reject others first before we get to know them that way we are preventing ourselves from being hurt ourselves. There is a big problem with this thought.
One area that was made aware in the last few weeks was in trying to do everything myself. I didn’t want to overburden anyone. I found out that in planning this trip in the things that needed to get done, that when a person offered to help, if I told them I could do it on my own, I was robbing them of the blessing God was going to give them and to me from their help. I can honestly say that I feel so loved by those in my church family and my community with the help and support they’ve given me in preparing for this trip from making over 100 dresses and 35 pants, and from strangers who donated pillowcases and t-shirts and even personal items that came from Ohio.

The other day I was having lunch with friends and I was complaining about feeling like I was in a shell for the past several weeks as I was really liking being home and not wanting to leave my house. One of my friends told me she had a Word for me.

“God is saying that you are a shell because He is forming you into being a pearl. The longer the pearl stays in the shell, the larger and more luster it becomes.”

I had tears in my eyes as she was speaking to me. Because I just recently learned that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa!

(If you haven’t figured it out this was one major area of rejection that has been released in the last couple of months!)

Desire for rejection:

There are people who really can not be happy for others. They don’t see beyond their own front door step to see that there is a world that God has created for them and those that they have to tear down. They know that once they hurt those that are working to make something a success; they will have met the desire for rejection in their own lives.

This rejection sets us up for by treating others badly or with indifference. Hold people back with cruel words and manipulating circumstances that could be meant for improvement in theirs or another’s life is a good example of desire for rejection.

From the book “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” by Art Mathias, he lists on page 142 how to break down the walls of rejection:

Renounce the power of ______in my life
Speak blessing over my life
Seal my ears from hearing rejection
Seal my eyes from seeing rejection
Seal my mouth from speaking rejection break the power of the spirit of _______ in my life
Command the spirit of ______ to leave in the name of authority of Jesus Christ, under Whose blood I am covered.
I’m taking a different turn in my topic so bear with me.

Do Christians have feeling of rejections?

Yes we do! In the last several weeks I’ve listened to stories from others and they’ve listened to stories of mine where it is prevalent in the Christian community.

It is a strong spirit that I see hanging over so many of my friends that have either known the Lord from their young life to their later years in adulthood.

It comes from things that we’ve had said to us before we came to know the Lord, or when we did know Him but there were those that didn’t that were influences in our lives that brought rejection upon us.

We don’t realize how large this spirit is. Think about it, when you find out that you are bitter towards a person because of something they said to you that really didn’t mean anything as the way you responded to it, rejection is still there because of the fear of what would happen if we let our guard down.

We hold onto memories that we had of as a child, and we find that we transfer those fears into rejecting others who don’t know what happened to us and do the same thing for a very different reasons.

Rejection is a strong emotion that needs to be eliminated from our lives.

I do believe that we are still in God’s will while we are struggling with this emotion and that His gifts of prophecy, edifications, tongues and the like are still very active in the Christian life, but think about how much more it would be if we broke off the rejection that is holding us back from being completely His?

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