A quote from Ghandi

“I like your Christ. I do not like you Christians. You are so unlike your Christ.”

This quote has me thinking in the last couple of days as to what is it that we are doing wrong? Where are we not showing the love of Christ to our friends, family and to those in need that we have yet to meet?

My pastor brought up something in our service yesterday that I hadn’t considered and is a strong part of my personality for those who know me. I can become a mother lion and protect my friends when they’ve been hurt. And recently I did let my anger get to me when a friend did get hurt and I took that offense on myself. I’ve done it for my daughter and for my husband several times over the years.

Do we take offense in areas where we really aren’t suppose to? Battles that aren’t ours to fight? God has already won the war and if you don’t know the war I’m talking about read Revelations. We win. So why are we still fighting battles that God has already won?

There are only a few times I’ve protested something. Abortion is one of them. As I think more of how I handled myself in those arenas, I have to say its not really my nature to stand on a street corner and hold a sign. I did it once, but I don’t think I’ll do it again.

I am finding out the one area that we can always win a battle that we are currently fighting as we are living in a world that is not our own. Prayer and fasting. Those arethe only weapons we have that we will never lose.

Christ never protested anything and I think He had plenty to protest about while He walked the earth. He approached people with a gentleness and a kindness that they weren’t used to being in whatever condition they were in whether it be an illness or sin. He didn’t judge them for what they were doing. He showed them how much God loved the people He created and how He wanted a relationship with them. He gave up His own life to prove that fact.

So why aren’t we doing the same? Why are we saying we are doing things in the name of the Lord when its not something He would do?

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