Preparing the Bride for the Wedding

Can you imagine what the church will look like on its Wedding day?

She will  be spotless, no blemish whatsoever.

Of course living in the world she didn’t arrive to the wedding party that way. It took a lot of patience on her part as well as those that were guiding her to get to this day.

First there was the sin factor. God’s word says we have all sinned and fallen short of His Glory.

His desire is for us to be spotless, without sin. Heaven is spotless so must we be to go there.

so God provided His Son as her groom.

Everything He did while He walked the earth was to prepare His bride for the wedding day. However the ones who were chosen were the ones who had Him crucified. The rest of the world was grafted in.

If we read His words (the ones in red- check out the Red Letters of Jesus on Fb) they discribe the ways of the Bride and how she should ready herself for her big day.

He loves her and can’t wait to bring her home to meet His Father, her creator.



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