Perceptions and judgements Pt 2

Its funny how when you are on a walk, you begin to form things in your head of times when you perceived situations differently then they were and  the longer the walk the more you start seeing where the perception started. 

When we are children, we are told things that are just basic common sense.  “Don’t talk to strangers”, “Don’t wear out your welcome” “Say please and thank you” “Don’t take the first piece” and so on.

Depending on how we were raised as children some of those “basic common sense” comments went a little deeper in the understanding.  For example, I had been a shy child (I know surprising!) growing up.  I’ve been coming out of my shell over the years and breaking off some of what I had perceived as a child.  For example, the “Don’t wear out your welcome”.  A lot of insecurity took place for me from that statement as when I would get into groups of friends I would want to leave first from the group so I didn’t wear out my welcome.  I for a long time had problems coming up to groups of people that I knew because I didn’t want to either interrupt them or intrude.  I’ve discovered over the years that it does go both ways but for the most part if its a private conversation, the parties will tell you.   I had never let it get that far.

Some of it also came from a “class” issue.  Low class, Mid class, Upper class ect. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what “class” you are in, you hurt and bleed the same.  I am so grateful to know people who see that and see past what a person has. 

God is no respecter of persons.  As I came to understand that thought it opened so many doors for me to know that if He isn’t neither should I.  I’m still working on this and haven’t fully broken off old thoughts and habits but I’m getting there. 

To repeat, when a person says something to another person, clarity is so important.  Its no wonder that God has stipulated the importance of knowing what you teach when you teach the Gospel.  I’ve heard so many people say that when we do good things we’ll get a stone in our crown.  I’ve studied it and no where in the Bible does it say that!  (I studied both stones and crowns).   And if you look up crowns like what we are throwing at the feet of Jesus that we do receive the word is the same as for “bind” in the Greek meaning like a crown of thorns are bound or a crown of daisies.

One of my favorite short film is “The eye of the beholder” perception is throughout the movie.  Below is a short clip I found on it.

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