Perceptions and judgements

I had these thoughts going through my mind this morning.  I was at a meeting yesterday talking about my weight loss project.  As I was discussing it the thoughts that were going through my mind was what if these women choose to not support me and my project because I won’t join their program?  Granted, I supported all they had to say because I’ve been there as well with the challenge of losing weight and eating because I’m stressed and other issues.

Then as I was praying God was showing me that the issue is now how I lose the weight, the issue is what the goal is.  The goal is to get medical supplies (and a facility of some sort) on Sigulu Island in Uganda.  It would be hurting the procedure if something that is so vital for an area to preserve life and stability to a nation is decided to pledge or not pledge someone because they are on a different program then is being supported them.

I was thinking also about a comment I posted a few weeks ago about how you say something you are not responsible for the perception of the person receiving what you say.  I totally agree.  It is the responsibility of the speaker to say with clarity what they are conveying to another person. 

However we can end up perceiving so many things from different events that our own human nature and health can be affected if we don’t change our perception. The sad part is that perception becomes a way of life that may spiral out of control.

I’ll write more on this topic later as I am thinking on several different scenarios that I’ve encountered over the years that I’m still sorting through as to why circumstances occurred like they did.

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