One journey that I will continue to do…

is working with the mindset that God is my employer.

Its different when you think like this. He is the one guiding me. Its a hard one to change too when you are used to thinking that when you lose a job that its all about you and sometimes it is. But when you look at it being something God has provided for you and that you are working for Him things began to change. For me in nursing, I’m seeing people and my job not as “eight hours and I’m done” but more that its people who need to loved and cared about and for like they have been by family members and for some better then family members. Its caring for them in a manner of respect for who they are and not for the position that you have.

He’s the one the handles my paycheck. I know at times my husband worries a lot about our bills and such as the car we purchased. The car was a blessing from Him for an act of obedience that He asked me to do and I did it. It was one of those things that you do ask “Really God?”. He’s not going to take it away from me. Its my gift from Him. Same as a Starbucks gift card that I won recently. Most people who got one got one for other reasons. It wasn’t luck or coincedence for me, it was out of obedience to something He asked me to do. I don’t believe in luck or coincendences. I believe in faith. Where I am now, I sometimes question, but I am learning to ask Him, not those around me. He knows my heart and He knows my thoughts because I’m always talking to Him. Sometimes I think He does answer me too which is a good thing!

So once in awhile I’ll be posting on this journey. I have several I’ve done in the past that I’ll update as I go along.

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