Okay last one for the day!

I know it doesn’t look like much now but here is my lavendar and rose garden/herb garden.

Its been in a developing stage for several years, as I’ve gathered mini roses for my garden representing friends that I pray for. Its been rather neglected over the last couple of years as other projects have come up, but this year its getting good treatment.

There’s be a fence around it, and a wine and roses thyme ground cover with lavender planted throughout the outside of the fence to help complete the pathway. This is phase two of my project.

Phase three is the path way that I’m making in the garden itself to make it a more formal with broken clay pots, small shale rocks and such for paths inbetween the plants.

Clover this year seems to be taking over most of my yard and I can mow it down in the lawn, but by my plants I’ve been digging it up like crazy.

So that’s it for today. I think I got everyone caught up!

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