I’m taking the challenge.

It’s to write more during the month of November.
I really like this month. It’s like the calm before the storm. Where everything seems peaceful and stress-free or should be for some people.
For me, I love this month. My daughter was born 26 years ago on the 3rd, I got married 28 years ago on the 5th, my grandmother will be 110 on the 9th (the oldest woman in Oregon! Great goal Grandma!), and my birthday is the 29th where this year I can now have senior discounts.
There’s Thanksgiving which I think is appropriate as its a reminder to remember to be thankful during the holiday season.
I love the colors of fall as the Browns, Maroons, lavenders, and greens all blend together during this time giving us a sense of warmth during the breezy and for the coast area, days of walking and admiring the beauty.
It’s for this reason that I make the Dalember calendar. For 62 days there are no holidays,  birthdays (he does acknowledge the anniversary). That’s for another blog someday when deliverance happens.
So enjoy today. It’s beautiful!

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