My year long journey so far

I had started this journey in January, planning on studying the prayer movement in the past 2000 years. I have yet to get to that study.

I have however, been studying the Spirit of Jezebel, the accuser of the brethern, and more recently “Lover of my soul”. The only difference is that its been more of people watching rather then book learning.

I have asked the Lord to give me “double vision”, to see beyond what we see physically but more inward so that I can pray more effectively for the person or event. I’m still working out the kinks now that the prayer has been answered because now that I see things more clearly I have to learn to use discernment in other areas and not let my passion be revealed in the event.

I had mentioned to someone last night that I hadn’t really felt any growth in the past year in my life, going from doing my 50 journeys to making a year long study. I felt lost at times until I remembered that in this past year God has opened doors that had been closed in the past.

I attended PrayerQuake this year for the first time. What an awesome event that was, and a lesson in trust, grace and mercy that followed along with event.

I also attended my first Carmen concert, something I had wanted to do for many years, yet the prices of the concerts or the locations was a factor.

This year I will be going on my first mission trip, something I’ve wanted to do about as long as going to a Carmen concert. This too is a lesson in trust, grace and mercy. Its also a lesson in breaking off things that had been said to me or about me that was not in line with what God has had intended for me on this trip.

So I guess this year I have learned quite a bit, but in longer phases.

In my 50 day journeys, I usually picked something such as for physical; changing something from my diet, or adding excercise, for spiritual; it was a fast or taking out something in my life that was unpleasant in my walk with Christ and replacing it with something that pleased Him, and with my home it was usually taking one room during the 50 days and doing whatever deep cleaning that needed to be done to it or organizing the room better to fit the needs of my family. Sometimes it worked but most of the time it didn’t.

So this year I lumped them all together and I’ve been a vegetarian more often then not, I’ve been decluttering about 7 items a week from my home by either giving it away, throwing it away. I’ve already touched on the spiritual end of my year long journey.

So that’s it 9 months later. I have to remember its my journey to God’s heart that I’m on and it may not be in my time, but His is alway perfect. He gave me three words at the begining of the year: Take only what is offered to you, be content with your wages, take jobs by word of mouth. It is all summed up by one statement that He keeps bringing back to me: To obey is better then sacrific. I’d much rather be His obedient servant then anything else. And if that is what this year is about, I’m His to do with what He pleases.

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