My veggie garden

Below is my vegetable garden to date: The first picture is still in the starting stage of my herbs: Basil in the aluminum pot, next is my lavendar starts that I cut a couple of weeks ago. The front row from the left is my lavendar from seed, Chamomile, Oregano and another lavendar.

The second picture is my large tomato in the strawberry pot. I had started beans and peas that are now starting to sprout after planting a second time. There were marigolds on the lower tiers to help keep the aphids out of the garden area, but no such luck as something ate those too. Next is the cherry tomato and a red pepper plant.

The third picture is my plant stand on my porch. Top row from left: Pickling Cukes, Cilantro, Regular Cukes and Zucchini. Second row from left: Azalea plant I’m starting for a bonsia plant, my lettuce bowl of Romaine, Green leaf and Boviant Blend. Next is my beans and peas. A second lettuce bowl of Romaine Green leaf and Boviant Blend (the lettuce was replanted earlier today). Bottom row from left: French cooking thyme, Green Pepper, Orange Pepper and Green Pepper.

When some start producing a little better like the beans and peas and some herbs I’ll be transplanting them in larger pots for the front porch. Meanwhile I’ve got other gardens to be working on 🙂 Here’s hoping the sun is going to stay awhile.

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