My theme for my journeys for 2011

I gave this topic to some friends to think about writing a sermon on what they think it means.

I am working on one as well.

As I was pondering this thought, it came to me what the overall theme is going to be in this leg of my life’s journey during the year of 2011. It will be again working on developing a life in honoring God and living a holy lifestyle as He is holy.

I did this leg once before when I first started my journey. I have my notes somewhere and I’m sure there are some friends that since I’m brought up this task of writing a sermon on Holiness will dig it out somewhere and remind me of it 🙂

I want to pay a short tribute to this group of ladies. We’ve been part of a message board for the past six years and we’ve become close. Several have met already and I’ve met a couple over the years. We do have a genuine friendship even though we’ve met through online through our friendships of those we met in person. (If that makes sense!)

I started doing my journeys with these ladies and they encouraged me along the way. They were interactive journeys where I wanted us all to participate in them and we all learn together. They were a major part of what I’ve been learning over the years and I thank them for their love and support even though some are still scratching their heads over my antics. Love you Selah and WOF ladies!

I say this because as close as we are, I am always afraid that what I learn I may step on toes along the way and I hope that they know that’s really intentional 🙂

So as I begin to mull over what to do to start 2011 I am sorting out my items I need.

First is God’s word. Its essential to have with me all the time because it is my reference.

Second, I know that I need to change some things healthwise. I usually go on a 40 Daniel Fast every year at the begining of the year, praying for my city also. So I know how the first 50 days are going.

Third, my house (both spiritually and physically) needs to be in order. We’ve been gathering the last several months and collecting and its time to start tossing and make room for things that need to stay. God has blessed us with a living room and a family room settings that I’ve been imagining for years.

Fourth, I do plan on making an organized schedule. That is hard for me as I feel like I’ve got a stick up my butt (excuse the phrase but that’s how I see it!) when I start sticking to the schedule and then have to defend what I’m doing. I thought once my daughter was raised and out of the house, I could be a bit of a free spirit but I look where that’s got me in the last year and its time to buckle down.

I’ve kind of started one with Yahoo as it sends me reminders and I’ve been deleting them. I have to stop that.

So here’s to 2011!

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