My people suffer for the lack of Knowledge

There are a lot of things happening in the spirit realm and several venues are up in arms about is looking up scripture that only fits half of the issue and we scratch our heads trying to figure out the other half.

Recently I watched a video where several people were calling the sheep to come to them but they wouldn’t budge. But when the shepherd called they cam running to where he was standing.

Christ has said that “My sheep hear my voice”.

Yet we also question His voice when He calls us to do the very things He did and more! We are allowing ourselves to suffer by not following after His voice and trust Him. We are too busy fighting over what the culture was like when Jesus walked the earth yet He was the one that always messed up the Sabbath rules by healing withered hands, blind people at the pool of Bethesda,  or raising people from the dead. He did not follow protocol when He was about His Father’s business and neither should we.

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