My first blog!

Wow! That was easy.

I decided it was time to branch out a bit from the safety of the group of women that have supported me over the past five years through various message boards with my 50 day journeys. (Yes its been about five years ladies!)

This year God is taking me on a new journey. I will be studying the Charsmatic Movement over that past 2000 years. The first book I’ll be reading will be of the same title by Eddie L. Hyatt. Ive been in the Pentacostal churches off and on for the past twenty three years and have heard several things but never really understood them. So I’m taking the next year to do so and understand other ministers of the faith such as John Lake, Charley Finney, Ame Semple McPherson, and others that have paved this path. One other book that I am going to read again too is “”The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence” by James W. Goll.

I want to understand what it means to be in His presence day after day. Somedays I think I got it and other times I feel so far away from it. I want to do His bidding each and every day even when my body is not up to it. I want to break down strongholds that keep me from being the person He’s creating me to be.

That is the journey I am on for this year. It’s a lifestyle change in a few areas of my life as well.


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